At we help people in Massachusetts who have been seriously injured as a result of a dangerous condition on property owned by someone else.  Serious injuries such as spinal cord damage, back and neck injuries and brain injuries can result from Premises Liability claims, also known as Slip and Fall accidents.  Owners of property have obligations to warn of known dangers on their property and to take reasonable steps to assure that hazardous conditions are remedied before someone gets hurt.  This is true for a landlord who owns an apartment building, a corporation that owns a store or shopping plaza and even a town, city or state that fails to maintain their property properly.

Everyday activities can lead to serious injuries.  A trip to the grocery store can result in an injury caused by spilled liquid in a checkout lane or parking lot.  An evening out at a restaurant can be ruined by a slip and fall on food or drinks that have spilled and not cleaned up quickly.  Hazards such as uneven floors, poorly maintained property and even old sidewalks can be the cause of injuries. 

There are many ways that you can be hurt on someone’s property:  lack of handrails on a stairway, inadequate lighting in a stairway, crumbling masonry steps or the owner’s failure to remove snow and ice.  Injuries can also result from the failure of a business such as a hotel or meeting hall to properly secure and safeguard their premises from outside intruders.   

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