MA Personal Injury Attorney Helps Victims Navigate The Legal Field offers client representation throughout Massachusetts. The areas of practice include personal injury law, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and Criminal Law.

PRESS RELEASE: Fall River, MA, 09-MARCH-2020 – a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is pleased to announce that navigating the procedures required when there is a legal issue no longer must be left to the victim. The legal professionals based in Massachusetts are available to provide legal representation and counsel to clients. The firm offers a range of services and has the expertise to knowledgeably represent clients in cases of personal injury, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and criminal law.

A representative of the legal practice spoke to an interviewer recently. “We work with clients on an individual basis so that the facts surrounding the particular incident can be fully explored. Our experience allows us to provide counsel about the best way to proceed. We offer the needed information to a potential client so that he or she is fully informed before making a decision. We offer information that will help in the decision-making process.”

He continues, “Our firm is large enough to supply the necessary legal skills but small enough so that each client is seen as an individual. Our practice is not with large corporate entities and we do not represent insurance carriers. It is our belief that those individuals who have on-the-job injuries deserve full representation.”

Clients who have incapacitating injuries are able to arrange for in-home visits. The firm also represents Spanish-speaking clients. Successful resolution of cases is best achieved when the experience of a firm such as is employed.

Learn more about knowledgeable legal representation by going to the web pages here at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact the law firm at the location described below.

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Address: The Merrow Bldg. 502 Bedford St. Fall River, MA 02720

Contact Telephone Number: 508-336-8000

Fax Number: 508-206-8878



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