Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Locals With Social Security Legal Help

For legal assistance with a Social Security claim, a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can be invaluable. An accident can result in a disabling condition. If the injury makes it impossible for someone to work, that person becomes eligible for disability assistance payments healing from the accident or illness takes place.

Sometimes it is difficult for a layperson to explain the medical condition that is preventing him or her from working. This can result in being found ineligible for either temporary or permanent help. An attorney can advise an individual on how to proceed.

When an applicant asks for financial assistance there is a specific process that takes place. There is a waiting period before the application can be filed. It requires not working for a period of one year. At the end of that time, paperwork is filed.

The next step is for a doctor chosen by the authorities to conduct a complete examination. There are both physical and mental reasons why a person can be declared disabled. If the application is accepted and the individual is declared disabled, payments will be initiated.

If the application is denied, an attorney might be able to step in and help. There is an appeal process that can be taken. It is often difficult for the injured person to undertake this task. It may seem the denial is the final decision.

It may be possible for the person to consult an attorney without incurring any charges. The lawyer will be able to judge whether being declared disabled is a possibility in this instance. If so, he or she will help the applicant go through the steps required to appeal the decision.

Often, a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will only bill the client if the appeal is successful and Social Security disability payments are granted. These payments may be temporary until the applicant recovers. Future medical examinations may be required to confirm the applicant is still unable to work.

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